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Director~ MaryLou Saks, Ph.D.

Director and Co-Founder of Boca Thunder Baseball, Inc., MaryLou has managed the Thunder organization since its inception 20+ years ago. 

MaryLou was a four-year Varsity high school athlete, competing as an all-around gymnast and softball shortstop.   She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology ~ Summa Cum Laude; Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology,  with a practicum doing field research for team-building activities to develop a highly effective sports team ; and a doctorate in Sports Psychology. MaryLou's scientific research,  "How Dimensions of Coaches' Leadership Behavior Predict High School Baseball Players' Athlete Satisfaction and Athlete Performance," was recognized by ProQuest and published in August 2022, and registered with the Library of Congress under the seal of the United States Copyright Office.

MaryLou has a passion for sports, and especially the game of baseball!  She is a sport psychologist and performance coach.  MaryLou is committed to working with and supporting the athletes, coaches and families of Boca Thunder Baseball in the sport of baseball, as well as wellness activities.    



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